Thursday, October 30, 2008


Just an update:
I'm going to be posting on Friday instead of Thursday from now on. So remember to check in before you go to your super sweet Friday night penny farthing bash.

Halloween or Bust

I scoped this super cute Halloween card out on the Bust Magazine website.

The artists name is Samantha Hahn and has a bunch of cute prints at Maquette you can find it here. (I learned hypertext!)
And here are some really beautiful carved pumpkins from Martha Don't ask for any carving tips though, these guys are out of my league.

These next little guys are from our annual sugar skull decorating party! To celebrate a favorite holiday in our house, Dia de la Meurtos.
Thank you dear readers for the great feedback. I will do my best to keep having interesting posts and learning to be a better blog-ette.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fine Feathered Friends

So, all of the girls in your neighborhood are wearing feathered hair clips but you don't know where to find them or how to wear them...

Look no further. Here are a few Ideas. Above is a beautiful rock-a-billy vintage style in auburn, brown and ginger for $20 at Baby Girl Boutique.

The middle clip is in a yellow roof shingle design and attached to a headband. It's kind of art deco-y. Don't you think? This one is $32 from Charm School Designs who boast the first ever feather headband. So if you want the original I suggest looking into this one.

The small brown one is my favorite because it looks the most versatile for day into night. You can find it @ Bona Drag for $15.
And last of all... This is the one I wore for my own wedding. It was hand made in London out of ostrich feathers. I didn't know ostriches were indigenous to the UK. Well isn't that lovely.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ethnic Geometric

Here is a major trend that I've seen pop, pop, popping up. I'm calling it ethnic geometric. It's not the geographic Mondrian of the 60's it's more of the Cosby sweater of the 80's. But lovely none the less. I've seen a billion more examples but here are a few to start with. I'm going to continue adding pics to this post.

Or better yet, why don't you send me your examples? I will happily post them.

From the top: Rebecca Thompson, L.A.M.B and unknown ebay post. (Already sold. sorry Ladies!)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lillian Farag-ing Awesome

So...I've had a request to write a little bit more in my posts. This blog is an art resource so I don't want too many words. But having said that this is a good post to start writing a little more on.

I am severely sick of birds. e.g. owls, pigeons, wrens. So here is my plea: Stop making bird art!

Having said that I am pleased to announce that Lillian Farag does not have any birds in her art. Just some really well put together line drawings. Hand drawn art is back in a big way. So just add some super dusty color schemes and *viola* beautiful repeat patterns by a very talented artist.

You can find her here:

(It took me longer to look up all the words I didn't know how to spell than it did to write the post) :)


Sorry no post last week I was in Mexico! But... I did bring back this cute little hucha (piggy bank).
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